Gayatri Pariwar of Long Island


Gayatri Gyan Kendra of Long Island is a unique Bal Sanskar Shala (Sunday school) run by Long Island Chapter of All World Gayatri Pariwar. GGKLI is offering unique teaching program to young generation on the basis of scientific spirituality. Students also learn Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, Indian Culture, Team Building, Vedic Math, Hindi, Gujarati and Telugu Languages.

GGKLI is not merely a school. It is a unique Bal Sanskar Shala on Long Island, which is modeled on the ancient principles of the “Gurukul” system run by the great Rishis and Sages of the past. GGKLI is working towards unleashing the immense potential of the younger generation and directing it onto a righteous path. It is committed to providing an excellent moral, cultural, and spiritual environment for our youngsters.

GGKLI’s broad based teaching curriculum includes Development of Sanskars (Character Building), Health (Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation), Art of Living, and Service to Society, Sanatan Dharma, and Divine Rishi Indian Culture. Focus is given to developing faith, compassion, devotion and prudence in children. Another important component of GGKLI is fostering family life by nurturing five basic code of conduct in children like industriousness, orderliness, serenity, cooperation and wise spending habits. The entire teaching program is framed with a view to teach more spirituality based on science rather than rituals.

The students in GGKLI also learn three Indian languages –Hind, Gujarat and Telugu besides the above subjects. The Indian Cultures and scientific Spirituality class is divided into 7 levels depending on the school grade level and age of the student. Hindi and Gujarati are also taught at 5 and 4 levels respectively. Students from Pre-KG (4years) to High School level (15 Years) can register for the program.

GGKLI started in 2006 with only 20 students. Today GGKLI has an enrollment of approximately 150 students. In order to accept all of our incoming students we have rented 12 state of the art classrooms and one big Gymnasium of St. Anthony’s High School, South Huntington, New York for the year 2014-15. We expect to cater to each and every deserving youngster of Long Island in future.


Ham Badlenge – Yug Badlega, Ham Sudhrenge – Yug Sudhrega.

When we transform ourselves, the world will be transformed. When we reform ourselves, the world will be reformed.


Gayatri Pariwar of Long Island,
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Deer Park, NY 11729-2711


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