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Shantikunj has emerged over the years as a unique institution and fountain-head of a global movement of Yug Nirman Yojna – a movement aimed at the transformation of the Era to usher in bright and blissful future by thought-enlightment, social reformation, cultural development, moral regeneration, and spiritual elevation in the light of hoary Indian heritage and scientific spirituality. People of all faiths and linkages visit this sacred institute for their spiritual upliftment all the year around.

The most important role played by Shantikunj is in conducting several in-house training programs for reinstatement of moral, cultural and ethical values, integration of diverse faiths and sects into one common thought process for global well-being, and constructive Shantikunj is the guides the manifold activities of “All World Gayatri Pariwar” mission listed below. It has a vast network of 27,000 local centers (Shaktipeeths, Pragyapeeths, Chetna Kendras, and Pragya Sansthans) distributed across the globe to advance the noble efforts of the mission. Several thousand self-study groups of members associated with this progressive mission regularly organize collective meditation programs, spiritual discussions, and discourses, along with participants in various social-welfare activities in their localities.


Located under the pristine shadows of the Himalayas and holy vicinity of the Ganges, Shantikunj stand as a modern symbol of Vedic Age. The daily routine here begins at 3:30 a.m. with collective prayer followed by spiritually rejuvenating Gayatri Mantra chanting and Sun Meditation and Akhand Deepak darshan (sight of the sacred lamp lighted since 1926). Yagya (herbal fire-ritual) is also performed every morning, which reminds one of the Vedic days in the ashrams of the Rishis. Two meals are offered free of cost here to every visitor and resident.

Forenoons and afternoons are scheduled for lectures/discourses and practical and field work under different kinds of courses/training workshops/sadhana sessions. Two special kinds of meditations are also practiced every day – Jyoti Avadharan Sadhana in the afternoon and Nada Yoga Sadhana in the evening for 15 minutes each.

Apart from the trainees, Shantikunj is visited by thousands of other people from all walks of society. The spiritually purified and vibrant ambience here attracts and rejuvenates everyone who has ever been here.


Gayatri Pariwar of Long Island,
24 Smith Street,
Deer Park, NY 11729-2711


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