Gayatri Pariwar of Long Island

Rules & Policies

We ask that all parents help us in helping our children be more responsible by making sure they attend each and every session. The best discipline is self-imposed, and students must learn to assume and accept responsibility for their commitments and their own behavior, as well as the consequences of their actions. Parents are strongly encouraged to go over these rules with their children.
We treat others kindly
  • 1.No hitting, biting, scratching, pinching, kicking
  • 2.No name calling, picking on or laughing at others.
  • 3.We treat others the way we would like to be treated
We study and play safely
  • 4.No running in the classrooms or hallways.
  • 5.No climbing on the furniture.
We are polite
  • 6.Only one person talks at a time.
  • 7.We listen when others talk.
  • 8.We don’t talk with food in our mouth.
  • 9.We remember to say please and thank you
  • 10.We clean up any mess we have made.
We listen, learn and understand
  • 11.We must be attentive in class.
  • 12.We participate in class discussions.
  • 13.We complete and submit homework assignments on time.
  • 14.We do not use cell phones in class.
  • 15.We listen to instructions provided by teachers.
Parents should note that:
  • All homework must be submitted before beginning of class
  • Students must bring requisite materials (please refer to the class materials and equipment policy below) to
    class, and have them organized and ready for use.
  • In the administration of these rules, our children will be treated with respect and patience. If a student fails to
    follow any of rules and policies identified in this booklet, teachers will attempt to work with the student to
    rededicate such actions. If the actions continue, teachers will notify the student’s parents so that efforts can
    be made at both home and at school to modify this behavior. We may also request parents to sit with their
    children in the classroom until the appropriate behavior is demonstrated.

All class absences must be discussed with and approved by the teacher(s) for the class the student will be attending that day. Students will not be excused and allowed to leave during the middle of any class without prior approval from the teacher(s).


GGKLI T-shirt will be provided to each student at the beginning of the class year. Students will be required to wear this to every class. For Yoga class, it is recommended that athletic leggings or shorts be worn. Jeans and skirts are not recommended for Yoga.


Parents are requested to review the handouts of study materials and Homework given to their children in their class. Parents are required to see that their children complete the homework. All students are required to complete their homework and bring to the next class. 10 Points are allocated for the completion of homework.


Teachers will examine the students’ ability to comprehend the class material by means of testing periodically. Students may also be required to meet other assignments by individual teachers. Students are evaluated twice a year (after the midterm and the final exams). All students are required to take mid-term and final exams during the year, and report cards are handed to students after each exam. Students are graded on 100-point basis with a passing grade of 70. Attendance, class participation, and homework are also considered for the final grade. New students who wish to be placed in a language level higher than assigned as per the guidelines are required to take a Placement Test in the language of choice to determine the proper language level. Graduation from Gayatri Gyan Kendra is based upon the completion of language and culture curricula. Awards are presented to students upon graduation on the recommendations of teachers, educational directors and the Principal.


All students attending class must bring the following stationery items:

  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • School Binder (provided by GGKLI) with all the materials provided
  • Ruler Students attending Yoga class MUST bring a Yoga mat. It is highly
    recommended that students wear athletic leggings or shorts (not skirts or jeans)
    for Yoga.

Parent/Teacher meetings will be scheduled twice during the school year. Parents are strongly encouraged to discuss any specific issues or concerns they may have with the volunteers and teachers of GGKLI.


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