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Art Club

Pablo Picasso once said that “Every child is an artist,” and he was telling the truth. So this year at GGKLI we started an art club. This art club takes place before classes start and provides an exciting opportunity for kids to learn how to draw and expand their knowledge on art. During each class the kids learn to draw something with step- by-step instructions. They’ve learned how to make the God Ganesh and Diyas for Diwali to Santa Claus for Christmas time. Furthermore, the children learn drawing tips on how to improve their drawings and ways to use shading techniques in order to create more realistic images. Not only does this class teach students, but it also increases their confidence and self-satisfaction and sense of fulfillment. There’s nothing better than to see the image they are making come true on paper.


Debate club at GGKLI is a club where kids of all ages discuss and form opinions on important topics in today’s society like Universal Basic Income and the dilemma of Security vs Privacy. Debate club grows a child’s ability to learn, process, analyze and react to information; as well as helps develop their public speaking and writing skills.

Chess Club

Chess was invented in India probably before the 6th century AD. It is the most popular board game in the world. Chess is a very beneficial game for the brain. It increases concentration and helps to improve the IQ. It also helps to make better decision in the game and in real life.

In chess club we learn chess strategies, analyze games and also play against each other. We encourage discussion among participants to learn best and fastest methods to checkmate. The chess club provides a formal chess coaching and also a fun time. Be a part of GGKLI Chess Club!

American Sign Language Club

The American Sign Language Club will be a new club starting in the 2018- 2019 school year. This club will start at 9:00 before each class and will end at 9:40. In this club, the kids will be taught the basics of American Sign Language, such as the alphabet, numbers, ect. The teacher of this class will be Ria Shah, who has been studying sign language for a year. It will be open to all ages and groups of kids as well. There will be a limit of approximately 15 people, so be sure to sign up quickly!

Science Club

The Science club is an interactive club where students will learn of about various topics through lab based experiments. Kids will perform experiments that will treat them as true scientists. Experiments will range from the classic volcanic eruption to ideas where you can mix different chemicals to test air pressure by making tornadoes in bottles. Students will be enthusiastic to see the marvels of science be revealed right before their eyes. Sign up, for before school experiments and learning different types of sciences!

The Innovation Club

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Club gives exposure to new technologies, ways of thinking and an outlet to the future. In this club, students engage in hands-on activities with projects, competitions and presentations. Most importantly, we have fun while learning together. We explore topics like structural design challenges, creation of business plans, Arduino, programming, robotics, and more. Our belief is that a common man dreams of doing something big, while an entrepreneur makes that dream into reality. With that motto, our students are inspired to be the future inventors, entrepreneurs, and leaders of tomorrow. Anyone can do it with the the right mindset. We help shape minds to think outside of the box, so they can turn problems into opportunities. For more information about Innovation and Entrepreneurship Club go to


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