Gayatri Pariwar of Long Island

Virtual Summer Camp 2021

(July 5th, 2021 - Aug 29th, 2021)
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Note: All proceeds from fees will be donated to Covid-19 relief fund set up by Shantikunj to build equipped 25 beds facility for Covid patients.
Select Time Age Group Club Club Description
2-3 PM Grade 3 & UP ASL Sharpen your brain and expand your communication skills and by learning Beginner level American Sign Language - The 5th most used language in the U.S.
3-4 PM Pre-K to Grade 6 Environmental Sustainability: Crafts and Games Discover the ways of living a green life while also gaining knowledge about environmental friendly actions one can take. Learn to construct hands-on crafts as well as games using household recycled materials! Go green!!
2-3 PM Grade 4-8 Crochet and Fiber Arts Introduction to fiber arts such as crochet and friendship bracelet making and apply this to make beginner projects like making bookmarks, coasters, hacky sacks, or fidgets depending on your interests.
3-4 PM Grade 4-8 French Learn to read, write and speak basic French that includes alphabets and accents, grammar and vocabulary and much more.
2-3 PM Grade 6 and up Business Economics Explore the world of Finance and Economics and how it is applicable to daily life. Focus is to develop financial literacy while doing daily entrepreneurship challenges.
3-4 PM Grade 2-8 Science An amazing learning experience with brand new and exciting experiments with a brand new curriculum.
2-3 PM Pre-k-Grade 3 Art Learn to make origami, draw realistic faces, paint beautiful sceneries, and much more.
3-4 PM Grade 4-8 Painting II Learn different Painting techniques and styles to paint realistic features (Mountains, Skies, Flowers, Animals, Water, Sceneries, etc.)
2-3 PM Grade 4 and up Debate Teaches the essential Public speaking skills. Kids debate on what’s happening around the world and learn to create arguments, express their opinions.
3-4 PM Grade 3 and up Coding Scratch and Python. By the end of the course, students have fundamental knowledge about coding and would be able to code useful programs.
2-3 PM Grade 4 and up Rubik’s Cube Exercise your brain and learn notations and algorithms for 3 by 3 cube and the Pyraminx.
3-4 PM Grade 2-5 Entrepreneurship and Innovation cafe Discover exciting STEM-based topics and the aspects of being an entrepreneur in the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Summer Club! You will learn skills such as creative problem-solving, designing your own invention, and making a business plan.


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